Facts on coconut and oil production come to the surface

Facts on coconut and oil production come to the surface

Written by Staff Writer

14 Apr, 2014 | 9:53 pm

Reports from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka indicate a 14.5 percent drop in coconut production in 2013 compared to 2012.

The reports add that this decline has been attributed to the decline in the  production of coconut oil and other related products. The Central Bank report highlights that the 2,940 million coconuts that were plucked in 2012 had dropped to 2,513.

The report indicates that the low rainfall received in the coconut triangle has caused this drop in production. According to the Central Bank,  72 percent of the total coconut oil production had been used for cooking purposes and in this backdrop, cultivators are faced with an issue to meet the demand of coconuts.

The report adds that coconut oil production in 2013 fell by 45 percent while desiccated coconut production dropped by 30 percent. The decline in coconut production had severely affected those engaged in the coir fibre industry in the North Western Province.

These persons point out that owing to the difficulty in obtaining coconut husks for the production of coir fibre, they are faced with uncertainty when it comes to pursuing their trade.

Coir fibre producers say that the spread of the disease called Maita that affects coconut trees has also  resulted in this situation along with the difficulty of obtaining coconut husks.

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