J. Sri Ranga asks questions about rising taxes and resultant benefits

J. Sri Ranga asks questions about rising taxes and resultant benefits

Written by Bella Dalima

10 Apr, 2014 | 7:57 pm

General Secretary of the Citizens’ Front, MP J. Sri Ranga expressed the following views in Parliament on Wednesday:

The cost of living is being increasing under the guise of development. They say that the economy is growing.  However, there is an issue as to whether this economic growth is reaching the Nuwara Eliya District, which I represent.

We have various forms of taxes. We need to have an in depth look into the benefits that the general public receive, via these taxes. The people are being charged a number of taxes. Because of these taxes, the people are finding it difficult to uplift their living standards.

He added: We also have an issue as to whether the taxes that are being charged from the people are being used for development purposes that will actually be of use to the people. The manner in which businessmen enjoy their profits has changed with the implementation of the special commodity levy.

The taxes that were imposed five years ago to benefit the people has now been transformed to benefit the businessman. The concept of taxes is to make services equal to the upper class, middle class and the low income earners. Taxes need to be imposed for a government to function. This needs to benefit the people. When the country’s economic growth is about 7 percent, this needs to be reflected in all districts.”


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