US – Sri Lanka joint defence workshop begins in Colombo

US – Sri Lanka joint defence workshop begins in Colombo

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01 Apr, 2014 | 8:53 pm

The staff training workshop for the  multinational planning augmentation team commenced in Colombo on Tuesday.

The workshop Tempest Express 24 will will focus on strategic , operational and tactical level planning for a chemical, biological , radiological, nuclear, high explosive or toxic industrial material ( CBRNE ) consequence management in support of both the Sri Lankan Government and US Pacific Command Theater Security Objectives.

In addition twenty officers from the USA and twenty six officers from Vietnam, Canada, Bangladesh, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Nepal, Maldives , Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore , Thailand and Japan will participate in Tempest Express 24 in Sri Lanka.

TE 24 will conclude on April 9.

Following are the excerpts of the views expressed at the event.

Chief of Defence Staff, General Jagath Jayasuriya 

“In recent years, the goals and actions of terrorists have changed in a way that makes the use of CBRN weapons more within the realm of possibility, while technological advances have made the possibility of a CBRN attack more feasible than in decades and centuries past. The use of CBRN weapons poses a potential threat to the international community.”

MTAT Officer – U.S. Pacific Command, Pete De Felice

“Communication is always a vital capability and is no where more important than when trying to bring unity of effort to persons from different cultures speaking different languages and trying to work as one unified team. We have military members of air, sea and land forces here from 17 countries. Of those 17 nations we have 12 different languages and 10 distinct alphabets. “


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