How twice-arrested Upul treated his loyal supporters (Video)

How twice-arrested Upul treated his loyal supporters (Video)

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31 Mar, 2014 | 11:35 am

UPFA contestant D.V. Upul secured the highest number of preferential votes in the Hambantota district in the Southern Provincial Council Elections held on Saturday.

According to the preferential votes results released on Sunday, D.V. Upul secured 64, 995 votes.

The following footage shows how D.V. Upul reacted to the cheering and celebration of his supporters who greeted him just after hearing his victory.


D.V. Upul who was a former minister of the Southern Provincial Council once stated that there is terror at large in the South.

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UPFA contestant D.V. Upul was arrested twice recently, once on the 9th of February on the charge of allegedly assaulting an individual in Middeniya and later on March 18 in connection to an incident where a group of supporters of the UPFA Southern Provincial Council candidate M.K. Kasun was allegedly attacked.

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