Hirunika hailed at final election campaign meeting

Hirunika hailed at final election campaign meeting

Written by Bella Dalima

27 Mar, 2014 | 10:04 pm

The final election campaign meeting of UPFA Colombo District Candidate Hirunika Premachandra was held in the Walpola area in Angoda, Wednesday.

Several UPFA seniors attended this meeting.

UPFA MP, Thilanga Sumathipala expressed these views:

“If Hirunika did not contest for this election, the entire list will look out of proportion. Brother Lucky was murdered in broad daylight. We were in deep shock. We do not like working alongside murderers in politics. They must be removed from politics. If we are to pass down this country to the next generation, to the youth of this country, we cannot engage in politics with these murderers. Armed men should be  removed. My friends  I would like to emphasize that no one can silence Hirunika who is of the bloodline of Bharatha who raised his voice for the people of this area and stood against the drug trade.”

UPFA General Secretary, Minister Susil Premajayantha shared these views:

“At times, those who were not with us to ensure our victory at the 2005 Election, are the ones who speak of politics today. However, at  the last rally he attended in Kotikawaththa, Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra spoke about this and reminisced on this. The people of the Kolonnawa Electorate know better than anyone else that no matter how many attacks were levelled at him, these were all false. We are aware of this. Do not falter. The more attacks they level, the more the number of preferential votes increases.”

SLFP General Secretary, Minister Maithripala Sirisena also shared thoughts:

“As ministers of this government we understand the issues pertaining to the economy, issues regarding daily expenses, prices of  goods and so on. What you should know though, is that no government is capable of achieving a broad economic development  after ending a long standing war. It cannot be done at the same time. There is no government like that in the world.”
Chief Government Whip, Minister Dinesh Gunewardane shared these thoughts:

“I know for a fact that Hirunika, as a youth did not hesitate to speak up straight. So it is our responsibility to bring a resounding victory to Hirunika. Bharatha is not here with us today. But if he was, how happy the people of Kolonnawa would have been to witness this victory?”

Minster of Economic Development, Basil Rajapaksa expressed these thoughts:

“I would like to endorse her on behalf of the President and everyone in our party, the Alliance. I would also like say that the President and everyone in the Rajapaksa family will fulfill their duty to her.”

Hirunika Premachandra received a warm welcome from the public.

She said: “When His Excellency the President offered me the Central Colombo Electorate, I requested for the Kolonnawa Electorate. He  told me that it will be tough for me to do politics within Kolonnawa. But I still said no, I want the Kolonnawa Electorate.  Then he told me just one thing. He told me to obtain the highest number of preferential votes, as has never been done before in the history of Kolonnawa, and that Kolonnawa would be mine the next day. This is what we are all preparing for.”

At a musical show following the conclusion of the meeting, the gathering requested Hirunika Premachandra to sing  a song.



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