Dr. Paikiasothy sheds light on the ‘electric chair’ at international level

Dr. Paikiasothy sheds light on the ‘electric chair’ at international level

Written by Staff Writer

25 Mar, 2014 | 7:09 pm

At a media briefing convened by the Centre for Policy Alternatives on Monday, the following views were expressed on misinformation surrounding the resolution on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council.

Speaking at the media briefing Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu made following comments:

“We have been told that the whole purpose of what is happening in Geneva is to change the government of the country, is to take the Chief Executive to the electric chair. Let me just clarify for a moment, as most of you will know, at the international level there is no punishment of taking anyone to the electric chair. “

“Secondly, of course this is a resolution in the United Nations Human Rights Council. It is not mandatory, it is not compulsory in terms of compliance. The only United Nations institution or arm that can enforce anything is the Security Council. Geneva 2014, throws us a challenge of more serious proportions that ever before,” he noted.

He also added: “Either we recognise and step up to the plate and fulfill our duties and responsibilities as citizens, yearning for a democractic Sri Lanka or we just remain as subjects. So the darkness is descending, in order to stifle civil society, stifle dissent, prevent that alternative narrative from getting out. Now, we as civil society have to ask ourselves as to whether it is indeed match over, or are we going to continue to do what we do, because it is important for this country that we do it.”

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