Warships and icebreaker sent to search for Missing Malaysian plane

Warships and icebreaker sent to search for Missing Malaysian plane

Warships and icebreaker sent to search for Missing Malaysian plane

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21 Mar, 2014 | 11:33 am

China is sending three warships and an icebreaker to join the search for possible pieces of a missing Malaysia Airlines plane in the southern Indian Ocean, the government said Friday.

The National Maritime Search and Rescue Center said three warships were en route to the area where a satellite image showed two large objects floating about 2,300 kilometres (1,400 miles) west of Australia.

It gave no indication when they might arrive at the remote site, but earlier reports said the ships — the Kunlunshan, the Haikou and the Qiandaohu — were searching this week off the southwest coast of Sumatra in Indonesia.

The Chinese icebreaker Snow Dragon was preparing to leave Perth in western Australia for the search site, state television reported. The ship was in Perth following a voyage to Antarctica in January.

Also Friday, three Chinese military planes left the southern city of Sanya for Malaysia to join the search, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Including China, five military and civilian aircraft are taking part in the search for debris from flight MH370, which disappeared on 8 March with 239 people on board.

The international search of the southern Indian Ocean is continuing on its second day as authorities try to locate a missing Malaysian airliner.

Satellite images released on Thursday showed objects possibly related to the plane in waters far south-west of the Australian city of Perth.

Bad weather hampered Thursday’s search.

Following Australia’s statement on Thursday that they have recieved satellite images of two objects that could possibly relate to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said,

“It’s about the most inaccessible spot that you can imagine on the face of the earth, but if there is anything down there, we will find it.”

Sources- Fox News/ BBC

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