News1st launches SL’s first ever Made for YouTube news bulletin

News1st launches SL’s first ever Made for YouTube news bulletin

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19 Mar, 2014 | 8:19 pm

News1st, Sri Lanka’s premiere independent news provider, took a leap into the future on Wednesday and launched Sri Lanka’s first-ever Made for YouTube, News Bulletin, in collaboration with Google.

The Made for Youtube News Bulletin, titled The brief was launched at a unique programme for business leaders today

Robert Van Arlen, the renowned speaker and thought leader, who has transformed the growth of major organisations worldwide conducted a programme on growth and beyond, for business leaders in Sri Lanka.


News 1st , Sri Lanka’s number one news provider and leading innovator in the field of communication, in collaboration with Google, launched the Made for You, Youtube News bulletin , The Brief at the event.

The event was organised by News1st together with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Country Consultant for Google Sri Lanka, Rohan Jayaweera made the  following comments at the event.


” There is actually an indication that a lot of people, take their smart phones and mobile devices, and use it as what we call couch companions.”

“Yes, the TV becomes the passive device and the more engagements tend to happen on YouTube, looking at information, looking at videos and catching up on it, so the world is moving towards to a more of a – how can we pull information when we want it, when we have the time – more than being able to reserve out time to watch something,” he added.

Group Director of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited, Chevaan Daniel also expressed  views at the event.


“The Capital Maharaja Organisation which owns and operates News1st, is no stranger to innovation and ‘doing things differently.’ Across several industries, be it media and communication , pharmaceuticals and tea and even infrastructure and FMCG – we have  changed the game over the past 75 years.”

“You want to watch news and consume our product when you want it, wherever you want it. And that is where we want to lead the industry,” he noted.


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