D.V. Upul says officers of the Beliatta Police ‘simply looked on’

D.V. Upul says officers of the Beliatta Police ‘simply looked on’

Written by Staff Writer

19 Mar, 2014 | 9:56 pm

UPFA Hambantota District Candidate and former Southern Provincial Council Minister, D.V. Upul who was arrested in connection with a case of alleged assault was released on police bail on Wednesday.

Police said that he was released on Wednesday morning.

Upul was arrested by the police on Tuesday morning on charges of assaulting a group of campaigners of fellow UPFA Southern Provincial Council candidate M.K. Kasun in the Medagoda area in Puwakdanda, Beliatta.

Speaking after the release D.V. Upul said: ” I received a phone call at about 10:30 in the night the day before yesterday. They said that the house of Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabha member, Kelum was being attacked and that offices were being damaged. I was in Walasmulla at the time. I arrived at the location at about 2 a.m. When I went there I was told that two groups, our group and theirs, were fighting and that the injured had been taken to hospital.”

“I talked with them and then came home. At about 8:30 last morning, the Acting OIC of the Beliatta police, called me and said that a complaint had been lodged against me and that I should come to the [olice station. The officer in charge of the Division told me the same thing, and since I had done no wrong I turned myself in.”

“After I turned myself in, the Beliatta Police did not carry out their duty as they were supposed to. There were about ten others with me. They sent the other ten out and they were assaulted with intent. I saw that officers of the Beliatta Police who were even armed with firearms, simply looked on,” he added.

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