You are placed in the right place to do well with regards to human rights – Hamid Karzai

You are placed in the right place to do well with regards to human rights – Hamid Karzai

Written by Bella Dalima

06 Mar, 2014 | 9:23 pm

Sri Lanka in a correct position to do well, with regards to human rights. The President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai made this statement during a media briefing in Colombo on Thursday.

The President of Afghanistan expressed the following views:

“The Afghan perspective is for peace and for stability. We believe that without peace there cannot be a guarantee for the protection and respect of human rights. Therefore, peace will bring to Sri Lanka the betterment of human rights.”

“We understand your predicament very very much. We have suffered as you have suffered. You are placed in the right place to do well, with regards to human rights, with regards to the protection of human rights and with regards to progress that you have achieved.”

“Now, I am trying to be very careful here with regard to my views on international organisations and how at times they behave. But,  its for us, our countries, to make sure that the rights of our citizens are respected, and protected and promoted by all means. Its also for us to make sure that we are peaceful and remain peaceful. And I know as the citizen of a war-torn country that war is the biggest enemy of rights. And that peace is the greatest guarantor of rights.”

During the press conference, a journalist also raised a question on the peace process in Afghanistan.

Journalist: You spoke about Pakistan. In Pakistan at the moment, even with a ceasefire being called, the Taliban are still carrying out attacks on Pakistani military installations and civilian targets as well. We had similar experiences in Sri Lanka as well with the LTTE, where during a ceasefire period we had a lot of attacks that were happening. Given this background do you think that its possible that peace talks with the Taliban will work for Afghanistan? Or is a military option – the only option?

President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai:

“I am seeking peace, and peace through talks.  Pakistan is unfortunately suffering as much, or even more than we are. It is good that they are talking to the Taliban, they must continue to persist and insist on talks. Certainly, talks between the Pakistani Taliban and the Pakistani Government will have an impact on Afghanistan in a positive way, and will be replicated certainly in Afghanistan.”

“We are happy that they are talking. We encourage it and we would like to join hands with them in helping them in whatever manner we can. Just as we expect Pakistan to join hands with us and to help us with our peace process.”


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