Dodamgaslanda students, vice-principal hospitalised after ball damages vehicle

Dodamgaslanda students, vice-principal hospitalised after ball damages vehicle

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05 Mar, 2014 | 9:31 pm

The Vice Principal and four students of Royal College, Dodamgaslanda have been hospitalised following an alleged attack launched by an unidentified group.

At a media briefing convened on Wednesday, Police Media Spokesperson SSP Ajith Rohana said that a woman has been arrested in connection with the assault.

The assault was carried after a ball being used in sports practices by students of the Royal College in Dodamgalanda flew over the school fence and hit a motor vehicle.

Irritated over the incident, the owner of the vehicle and a female had arrived at the school and yelled at the principal.

The security guard of the school said: “He parked his vehicle and started yelling. He was accompanied by a woman and asked who the principal is and what his name was. I told him not to blame the children because they do not understand. So, I told him to go speak to the principal who is in his office or he could go speak to the teachers in charge of sports.”

When the couple had met the principal, the principal had said that if they are to be compensated for the damages caused to the vehicle through the school’s development committee, a complaint should be lodged with the police.

The owner had thereafter left the school. He had allegedly returned a short while later and assaulted the principal and the group of students.

The Vice Principal of Dodamgaslanda Royal College, Gamini Wickremesinghe speaking of the incident said:

“The attackers held the principal by his tie and tried to hit him. I pushed them and came out. They attacked me and it hit my arm, I think it was a kick. When I took an X-ray and checked, I had two fractured fingers. I have to get treatment now. Four students are currently receiving in-house treatment at the Ridigama Hospital following the assault.”

According to reports, the vehicle which the group had travelled in had collided with another vehicle while fleeing the school.

Meanwhile, Police Media Spokesperson, SSP Ajith Rohana said:

“Of the four individuals who travelled in this vehicle, two have been hospitalized. The vice principal and four students of the school have also been hospitalised. “

“The Rideegama Police are already conducting investigations into this incident and statements are being recorded from both parties. Evidence is also being obtained from both parties. A woman who was travelling in the vehicle is in police custody.”

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