Apple announces new in-dash system to bring iPhone features to the automobile

Apple announces new in-dash system to bring iPhone features to the automobile

Written by Staff Writer

04 Mar, 2014 | 5:54 pm

Finally someone has done what many iOS lovers have wanted; brought the iOS to an in-car setup. Volvo Cars has entered an alliance with Apple for its future in-car systems. The system will not only integrate and sync up with the iPhone more easily, it will also offer an iPad-like interface to the user – who is already familiar with it.

Called Apple CarPlay, the system claims to offer a more easy-to-understand interface for non-Apple users too, and it will work through touch-screens and voice commands.

What I especially like about this information being put out is that it also shows us a strong glimpse of not just where these in-car systems will go for Volvo, but the interface gives you a strong definition of the kind of styling package you can expect for the in-dash layout on the future Volvo models too. Things kick off with the next generation XC90 when it debuts later in 2014.

With Apple CarPlay, the advantage will be an easier transfer of information and control through the gadget to the car and vice-versa. Basic apps like phone and text messages, music and navigation will be right at hand, and there is also some talk of further developing what’s currently a nascent foray into third party audio apps to stream live music.

The Apple based system will connect with the iPhone through the lightning charger cable, and Apple and Volvo promises a wifi hook-up in the imminent future. Exciting times ahead as the premium brands in particular continue to work on ways to improve and simplify user interface with their cars. Apple jumping into the fray with Volvo tells us that it will no doubt seek other auto brands as well, to take its new CarPlay system into a wider fleet of cars worldwide.


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