Controversy surrounds Wilgamuwa Cannabis-related case

Controversy surrounds Wilgamuwa Cannabis-related case

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03 Mar, 2014 | 10:59 pm

The Chairman and Former Chairman of the  Wilgamuwa  Pradeshiya Sabha who were arrested on charges of transporting Cannabis in an official vehicle belonging to the Pradeshiya Sabha were released on bail on Monday.

Bail was granted when the  two individuals were presented before Naula Magistrate Manjula Thilakaratne today.

The Wilgamuwa Police arrested Wilgamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Jayantha Weerasekara and Former Chairman Ranjith Kumarasinghe on charges of transporting 275 grammes of Cannabis.

An SUV  belonging to the Pradeshiya Sabha was also taken into police custody. The two suspects were placed in remand custody after being produced before the Naula Acting Magistrate.

When they were presented before the Naula Magistrate today, the duo were released on cash bail of Rs.10,000  each and sureties amounting to Rs.50,000. A number of local politicians were present in court when the two suspects made their appearance before the magistrate.

People related to the case expressed their views.

Attorney representing the defendants, Attorney-at-Law Buddhika Samarasinghe,

“The honourable justice granted bail today. The magistrate also advised the police to direct the matter to the Attorney General’s Department and seek their advise on filing charges…”

“The case was postponed till the 16th of May. The magistrate ordered the suspects to appear before the Laggala Circuit Magistrate Court on the 16th of May.”

Chairman of Wilgamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha, Jayantha Weerasekara,

“What took place was a disgraceful and lowly act. Pradeshiya Sabha member Lakshman Wasantha Perera planted Cannabis in my official vehicle. He is an individual who distills liquor in Hingurana. He uses this to get votes from the people of Wilgamuwa. ”

He tried to defeat the budget of my Pradehiya Sabha but he didn’t succeed. He resorted to such an act after this. My people know that I don’t even smoke a cigarette. I am someone who spoke out against Cannabis. Why do they attack us in this manner? We are disgusted with the party. Honourable President,  we have no need to earn money by selling cannibis. There is a now  a grave issue concerning my life as well.””

Former Chairman of Wilgamuwa PS, Ranjith Kumarasinghe,

“We are being trodden on politically by Lakshman Wasantha. The people of Laggala are facing numerous difficulties due to this. This is a very oppressive period that the public are living through. It is a question as to what he aims to accomplish by trying to jail fellow SLFPers using Cannabis ..”

Deputy Minister of Transport of Rohana Dissanayake,

“The people of Laggala are being oppressed even when our President is in power together with our cabinet, our provincial councils and our Pradeshiya Sabhas. We have taken steps to inform the relevant authorities including the President. The courts will decide in the future on how the police should act.”

Central  Provincial Council Minister, Pramitha Bandara Tennakoon.

“We are saddened by the political situation in the district. We will have to face many threats in the future. As a precaution I filed a complaint with the police today because we have received information that there are persons who are attempting to tarnish our image.”

“The chairman was arrested for 275 grammes of Cannabis, but there are those who deal in large quantities of this substance who roam free. Fake SLFPers who did not even lift a finger to help the party are the ones who are attacking real SLFPers.”

Wilgamuwa PS Chairman’s mother

“I don’t care if he is no longer the chairman. He has a family now. He has 3 children. Please save my son ..”

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