Radhika Philip’s Reyna’s Prophecy launched by Harper Collins

Radhika Philip’s Reyna’s Prophecy launched by Harper Collins

Written by Bella Dalima

28 Feb, 2014 | 8:51 pm

Radhika Philip’s gripping novel Reyna’s Prophecy, which follows the life of a little girl in Sri Lanka, was launched by international publisher Harper Collins on Friday.

Notably, this is the first time that a Sri Lankan writer has been published through the renowned publishing house.

On Wednesday, Radhika Philip spoke exclusively to Newsfirst on the upcoming international release of Reyna’s Prophecy.

At a media briefing convened on Friday prior to the official launch, Author of Reyna’s Prophecy, Radhika Philip shared these views with Newsfirst:

“I saw my baby interacting with a crow and I thought of a bigger picture of what I didn’t know. I think it was time to tell a story like this and I am still surprised that I am the one to tell it. Not all aspects of life can be explained through rationality and logic as we know it. And occasionally life calls upon us to re-assess what we believe, where we come from, the bigger picture, the world. I had grave reason to evaluate my own world, at a time when I couldn’t find peace and suddenly I found it in the beauty of animal interaction. I tried to listen very hard for a message and the theme then transpired of what I understood of that message.”

Title Commissioning Editor of Harper Collins India, Ajitha G.S. expressed these views:

“It felt like it was real because I think, Radhika at some level understands that this is possible. And I think anyone that has bonded with an animal understands that it is possible to speak to, you know. Sometimes without words, sometimes with. It is just a lovely manuscript that I read all the way through, and everyone that read it after me at Harper Collins, has had exactly the same response. Including the proof reader who said, you know I really enjoyed that novel.”






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