Facebook may be banned in Sri Lanka – warns Bimal Ratnayake

Facebook may be banned in Sri Lanka – warns Bimal Ratnayake

Written by Staff Writer

26 Feb, 2014 | 12:30 pm

At a media briefing convened in Colombo on Wednesday, the Socialist Youth Union commented on social media websites.

National Organiser of Socialist Youth Union Bimal Ratnayake made the following observations on issues involving Facebook.

“The suicides of four young women including school girls which took place over two months have been attributed to deaths caused by Facebook. Although the Cabinet Spokesperson and the Police Spokesperson have not directly said that Fcebook will be banned, that idea is integral in the statements that they have made.”

“We can see that the government is attempting to use these four deaths to enact laws that will prohibit Facebook or subject it to some censorship. It could be that these things are being planned because they are bringing it up so that we can see it.”

Views were also expressed on the issue of suicide at this media briefing.

“I have all the data with regard to suicides in Sri Lanka. If you look at the information contained in the Psychiatry Journal of Sri Lanka which is compiled by psychiatrists in Sri Lanka, you will see that Sri Lanka is placed 11th in the world in terms of suicide rate and in the case of youth suicide, Sri Lanka is fifth in the world. This has prevailed for two decades and it is showing an increasing trend.”

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