Kolonnawa residents voice their displeasure over Duminda Silva; waited six years, they say (Video)

Kolonnawa residents voice their displeasure over Duminda Silva; waited six years, they say (Video)

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23 Feb, 2014 | 9:44 pm

People who have been affected by a landfill in Meethotamulla, on Sunday voiced their displeasure against UPFA Parliamentarian Duminda Silva.

They expressed their displeasure at a discussion held at the Parama Dharmodaya Viharaya in Wellampitiya. Speaking of the incident, UPFA Parliamentarian Duminda Silva said:

“This landfill was created by the United National party. You are all aware of this. You must think about whether you are going to vote for the UNP at this election. Or will you vote for us? You must decide. Listen to me, I will stop the dumping of waste from Colombo here.”

A large group including political representatives from the area, participated at this discussion which was organised by the People’s Movement Against the Kolonnawa landfill.

Organiser, Nuwan Bopage stated

“We have not received a suitable solution to our problem as yet. Politicians who do not volunteer to provide solutions for the waste problem come here voluntarily during elections and distribute books among our children. We remained under the Provincial Council for six years, we did not feed off the Provincial Council. We paid taxes to the Provincial Council.”

Ven. Battaramulle Seelarathana Thera, the Leader of the Janasetha Peramuna also spoke in this regard,

“Don’t the people of Kolonnawa have eyes, ears and noses? Kolonnawa does not want the waste of Colombo. The problem here is that there is no policy.

Democratic Party Candidate of the Colombo District, Susil Kindelpitiya stated:

“This landfill is as old as this government. It has been twenty years. It is justifiable that the people of Kolonnawa are pained by the inability to resolve this problem. As a person who was born in Kolonnawa and has suffered the smell of this landfill in Kolonnawa, I will continue to stand for the people of Kolonnawa in the case of this landfill. The Democratic Party will remain vigilant on this matter until it is resolved.”

JVP Candidate of the Colombo District, Attorney-at-Law Sunil Watagala expressed his views on the matter:

“In this problem, everyone is saving their skin. The government must take a decision. It must implement that decision. This is an age- old problem. The people who have been suffering from this must be freed. It is the government’s responsibility.”

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