Police removes Anarakali Akarsha from Matara DS premises

Police removes Anarakali Akarsha from Matara DS premises

Written by Bella Dalima

07 Feb, 2014 | 9:48 pm

Newsfirst made inquiries into election law violations ahead of the provincial council polls.

Newsfirst:- Sri Lanka is a representative democracy. Elections are a primary sign of representative democracy. What are the basic rules and regulations that candidates must adhere too during an election?

SSP Ajith Rohana, Police Media Spokesperson:-

“The supreme power in the country is determined on three factors. One is universal franchise. In order to protect this, candidates must allow people to exercise their franchise and express their independent opinions and their wishes. They should stop engaging in various activity and engage in this task.”

Newsfirst:-  What must candidates not do at all?

SSP Ajith Rohana :-

“They cannot go on processions and Peraheras at this time. Flags can only be displayed on vehicles carrying the candidate. Election symbols and names cannot be painted on roads. Public announcement systems cannot be used except in the case of authorised gatherings.”

Newsfirst:– We have seen election laws being flouted openly. Are the police not taking action regarding this?

SSP Ajith Rohana :-

“We are definitely taking action. If anyone thinks that enforcing election laws is the sole responsibility of the police and are attempting to evade their responsibility by dumping it on the police, it is a myth.”

Newsfirst:-  If election laws are violated, what punishments can be meted out?

SSP Ajith Rohana :-

“A fine and imprisonment. In addition, the Elections Commissioner has decided not to grant them certain privileges that are candidates are due.”

Although the Police have the power to remove unauthorised propaganda material such as posters and banners, provisions for the same must be made by the Elections Secretariat.

The police took steps today to remove unauthorised propaganda material from several areas in the Southern Province today. However, our camera captured discrepancies in the enforcement of these laws.

Several incidents where officers of the law were obstructed from carrying out their duty were also reported.

Police Headquarters say that UPFA Southern Provincial Council candidate Ajith Prasanna, who had travelled in a vehicle violating election laws, had proceeded to obstruct a police officer in Galle from carrying out his duty.

Issuing a communique, Police Headquarters said that steps will be taken against the candidate, adding that the Elections Commissioner has also been informed on the matter.

Meanwhile, police took steps yesterday to remove UPFA Southern Provincial Council candidate Anarakali Akarsha from the premises of the Matara District Secretariat as she had entered the premises in violation of election laws.
A number of propaganda processions which  openly flouted election laws were also witnessed yesterday.




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