Former UNP MPs comment on Leadership Council

Former UNP MPs comment on Leadership Council

Written by Bella Dalima

02 Feb, 2014 | 12:02 am

The Former United National Party Parliamentarians Association is comprised of senior MPs who represented the house of legislature since the 1970s.

The new office bearers for the year 2014  were selected on Saturday and Former UNP MP Chandra Gankanda was selected as the new chair of the association.

Former Deputy Minister M.D.Premaratne was appointed as the Media Spokesperson of the Association.

During the meeting, a former MP commented on the Leadership Council.

He said: “The expectation of the leadership council is to secure a far more disgraceful defeat than the ones we suffered in the Central and North-Western Provincial Council Elections. I wonder if our efforts will prove fruitful?”

Former UNP MP, Reginald Perera said; “The Youth Organiation, the Women’s Organizations and other organisations that were active back then have perished and the party has been destroyed. The link with the villages was lost. But remember this, if we try to protect some one then these organisations will not be of any use. Let me tell you this, the people are suffering because of the United National Party. Why? There are many ways that the opposition can topple the government. But, are we using those methods?  If people are hoping to gain ministerial portfolios and enter politics through the national list, then please forget about it and start working to uplift the party.”

Former UNP MP, W.B.Ekanayake said; “Do not get involved with the leadership Council. Those who want to go, have left. Our Former Deputy Leader should go there. After he goes there, the leadership council will be corrected. Let’s allow him to go. We do not need to draw him back. Let see what fruits will be borne by the decisions they make …”

Former UNP MP, Madurapala Ediriweera shared these views: “I am sorry to say that even I picked a fight when opportunities were given to express views last time. This time around the government lost 2 provincial councilors and  our party will lost one. All 3 have joined Sarath Fonseka. That will be the result from the Matara District …”

Former UNP MP, M.D.Premaratne shared these following views;

“When the party suffers defeat, they seek advice on how to steer the party to victory. We have submitted around seven or eight reports. No matter what people say, there are no grass root level organizations. We need to accept this fact. We proposed that we need to change. They did not accept it and did not even tell us that they received our proposals  …”

Meanwhile, two proposals were presented before the AGM on Saturday.

One was that positions within the party should not be accepted without prior approval of the association and that other was that views expressed at meetings should not be discussed with other persons.


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