Cardboard heroes will remain hidden – Susil Kindelpitiya

Cardboard heroes will remain hidden – Susil Kindelpitiya

Cardboard heroes will remain hidden – Susil Kindelpitiya

Written by Bella Dalima

30 Jan, 2014 | 8:58 pm

The main rally of the Democratic Party in the Kollonnawa Electorate ahead of the upcoming Western Provincial Council polls in the Kolonnawa Electorate took place on Thursday under the initiative of Susil Kindelpitiya the Chief Organiser of the Democratic Party for the Kolonnawa Electorate.

Religious observances were held opposite the Budu Madura in Kolonnawa on Thursday morning before the commencement of the rally.

The rally commenced in the vicinity of the Meethotamulla bus stand.

A group including Deputy Leader of the Party Parliamentarian Jayantha Ketagoda and the Chief Organiser of the Democratic Party from the Kolonnawa Electorate Susil Kindelpitiya participated at the event.

Leader of Democratic Party,  Sarath Fonseka shared these views:  “Soldiers are fleeing the army. Fifty thousand (50,000) to 60,000 soldiers who did not flee the army during the war are fleeing it now. Nothing in the country  is done in the proper way except for theft. The future of your children has been destroyed, five generations of our children will be indebted. Even infants owe the world 308,000. This debt can never be repaid.”

Democratic Party Chief Organiser of Kolonnawa Electorate, Susil Kindelpitiya expressed these views: ” We will save the country and we will also save the people of Kolonnawa from these corrupt officials. I was sent to prison for 70 days; it was a conspiracy executed following a great deal of planning . Everyone knows who the conspirators are, and they will learn their lessons from nature itself. The opportunity has dawned for us to save Kolonnawa under the leadership of General Sarath Fonseka. Cardboard heroes  will remain hidden and we say to such cardboard heroes that we have already set up camp. We fired our first round from the North West and the Central provinces. We will fire our second round from the West..”

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