Deputy Minister says electricity tariff will not be increased

Deputy Minister says electricity tariff will not be increased

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27 Jan, 2014 | 6:07 am

Deputy Minister of Power and Energy, Premalal Jayasekara says that the electricity tariff will not be increased in the face of the crisis over power plants.

The Deputy Minister made this observation while attending a programme in Balangoda on Sunday.

“The Canyon Power Plant is inactive due to maintenance (issues). The national grid lost 300 megawatts of electricity due to technical failures at the Norochcholai Power Plant. The Kelanitissa Thermal Power Plant remains inactive due to a fault in the cable that connects it to the national grid. At the same time as the Maussekelle Reservoir had to be cleared due to repair work of the  tunnel from Canyon to New Lakshapana, the two power plants remains inactive.”

He further stated:

“In such a backdrop 28% percent of yesterday’s energy requirement was met by hydro power plants while 70% was met through power plants that utilised fuel. The balance was generated through wind power plants.”

Adviser to the National Electricity Consumer Movement, Bandula Jayasekera also spoke in this regard,

“With the breakdown of Norochcholai we lose an additional 72 million rupees and due to the in operational state of the Kelanitissa Power Plant we have to spend 80 million rupees. Accordingly, the CEB has to incur a cost of 160 million rupees per day due to the break down of these power plants.”

The Deputy Minister of Power and Energy, stated,

“We have to use fuel power plants as an alternative. For this we incur some expense in generating electricity. Since there was a change in the  electricity tariff recently we are not planning on making any more changes.”

Bandula Jayasekera further stated,

“Last year the target was to general 4400 gigawatt hours of electricity units from hydro power plants. However, at the end of the year over 600 gigawatt hours were produced additionally without any proper management. At the same time water was just released from certain power plants under the guise of various repair work. Therefore, we are suspicious that certain officials at the CEB are creating such crisis situations in order to purchase electricity at a high cost from private power plants.”

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