Dayasiri compares government to marriage

Dayasiri compares government to marriage

Dayasiri compares government to marriage

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26 Jan, 2014 | 10:22 pm

A meeting of UPFA Activists in the Colombo District was held in Rajagiriya, Colombo on Saturday evening.

Speaking at the event, Minister of Economic Development, Basil Rajapaksa stated,

If they are caught bringing ethanol or bringing narcotics then they are prosecuted. No matter how senior an official they are, the government has the strength to take them to court and punish them.

“When we are doing this too, some are attempting to attack us, as they did during the war. We know that at every turn, the people have been with us. People who live off narcotics are speaking against catching those responsible.”

SLFP General Secretary, Minister Maithripala Sirisena also spoke at the event,

If you feel that there are some things within this government that must be corrected, if you feel that there are shortcomings or delays and flaws that needs to be corrected, then this is the best opportunity to do so.

“The opposition will say that the cost of living is high, they will say that the economy has collapsed, they will say that there is fraud and corruption in the government, they will say that this government cannot go on and they will ask you if you will continue to vote for this government. First, what capability does the opposition have to correct the mistakes that it points out? In order to do that the opposition must be organised first.”

Dayasiri Jayasekara, Chief Minister of the North Western Province also expressed his views:

Usually when a government has lasted 17 to 20 years, it becomes difficult. It is the same with marriage at present isn’t it?.

“ The first tow years are good. After about ten years it becomes a little difficult. After 12 years it is very difficult. After about 15 or 16 years it becomes almost unbearable. That is the way in some marriages. When a government has been in power for an extensive period, it is the same. We must understand this. But is the alternative, the thing that we have abandoned? Who is there to re-build instead of us?.”

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