SLC says has conveyed its stance to ICC on draft for new administrative structure

SLC says has conveyed its stance to ICC on draft for new administrative structure

Written by Bella Dalima

24 Jan, 2014 | 8:58 pm

Sri Lanka Cricket says it has expressed its stance on the draft for the new administrative structure of International Cricket Council, in writing, to the Chairman of the ICC.

However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India or BCCI, has warned that it will not participate in future ICC events if the proposals of the ICC Working Group are not adopted.

Meanwhile, in a letter addressed to President Mahinda Rajapakse, SLC Ex-Co member, Shammi Silva, raised suspicions of a secret deal between India and Sri Lanka. The draft containing the proposals for the new administrative structure of the ICC which vests full power with India, England and Australia  is to be submitted to the Executive Committee of the ICC on the 28th of this month.

Why has this draft been the subject of a major contrversy?

1. As per this draft, permanent membership of the ex-co of the ICC will be restricted to India, England and Australia.

2. All committees operating under the ICC will come under the purview of the new ex-co.

3. The new ex-co will be vested with executive powers beyond the ICC.

4. A notable feature is that the 4th member of the Ex-co is to be appointed as per the prerogative of India, England and Australia at a time deemed appropriate by them.

5. The FTP or future tours program is also to be abolished in the future.

The Cricket Boards of Pakistan, South Africa and the West Indies recently voiced their strong opposition to this controversial draft.

SLC too announced, that the executive committee which convened Thursday had determined that they need sufficient time to inquire into this draft.

SLC Treasurer, Nuski Mohammed said that SLC had decided to stand against the new proposals for the ICC.However, a senior official at SLC noted that a tense situation arose at one point, when the Ex-Co was considering the new draft of the ICC.

This official said that the tense situation arose around a letter that was addressed to the President regarding the ICC draft, by a member of the Ex-co. The letter, dated January 23, 2014, addressed to the President by SLC Ex-Co member Shammi Silva, claims that SLC is following a dual agenda with regard to the proposals, and that they are attempting to betray the country internationally, once again.

Here is a translated excerpt from this letter.

The President of Sri Lanka Cricket, participates at meetings of the International Cricket Council, representing SLC.

At the executive committee meeting of the ICC held on the 9th of January, a copy of the draft in question was submitted to the SLC President.

However, even at the time that this letter was penned to Your Excellency the President, a copy of this draft had not been presented to us as members of the SLC executive committee.

One of the major questions facing us today, is whether certain senior officials at SLC are attempting indirectly, to make Sri Lankan cricket kneel before India.

As such, a justifiable suspicion has risen among the cricket loving public, as to whether the efforts of these senior officials at SLC to gratify India, are the result of their having abandoned the nation in favour of the amount of dollars they would receive.”

End of translated excerpt.

However, an official at the SLC noted that Shammi Silva had withdrawn this insinuation of a suspicion of a financial transaction in this letter, at the Ex-Co meeting held yesterday.

CEO of SLC, Ashley de Silva, said that he could not make an official comment on this letter.

Meanwhile, in an announcement on its website, the BCCI noted that India’s participation or hosting of future ICC events will be subject to the proposals of the ICC Working Group being adopted by the ICC Board.

What are the points contained in these proposals?


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