Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka analyses the UN resolution on SL

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka analyses the UN resolution on SL

Written by Bella Dalima

23 Jan, 2014 | 9:23 pm

Speaking at an event in Colombo on Wednesday evening,  former Sri Lankan diplomat Dr.Dayan Jayatilleka commented on the resolution that is to be brought forth on Sri Lanka at the United Nations in March.

He shared the following views: “An international inquiry mechanism can take the form of either of a UN Special Rapporteur or of a Commission of Inquiry. We know from the Darusman Report that this is hardly likely to be impartial or even handed. And once the machine gets rolling, it is very difficult to unhook it.  It is very likely that the Government of Sri Lanka would say that we are not going to co-operate with such a mechanism. And I shan’t comment on whether or not that is the right approach. But, we then fall into the next trap, which is that, Sri Lanka is in non-compliance with a UN Mandate.”

He added; “The issue of economic sanctions is in the public domain. I must hasten to add that the March resolution will not trigger sanctions.  And non-compliance with the recommendations and the process is the point at which the economic squeeze would come. And my prediction is that the economic squeeze would come not at the level of the United Nations itself, but through the various parliaments and legislatures of each country. Even if the governments were to prefer a slower process there would be lobbies that push for the report to be debated in the various legislatures and it wont be only in the West. It may be in places much closer to home …”

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha also shared these views;  “I think with regard to Geneva, and I think the Foreign Minister is largely responsible because people look on him as an intellectual. You know first we didn’t really lose because the abstentions added up to more than the, right, secondly, because we resisted, we didn’t lose. It was a moral victory.  The Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka speaking to the youth of Hambantota saying you know  when we lose this resolution you really must give the government a thumping majority.   But the argument will be you know we might have won  but you know we really alienated as many countries as possible so that we could lose so that we could persuade  the people of Sri Lanka to vote for us.”


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