UNP had respected leaders who brought glory to party – says Maddumabandara

UNP had respected leaders who brought glory to party – says Maddumabandara

Written by Bella Dalima

18 Jan, 2014 | 6:09 pm

United National Party Parliamentarian Ranjith Maddumbandara notes that disciplinary inquiries should be conducted against certain party members who allegedly engaged in acts of corruption.

He shared these following views;

“The United National Party is the oldest party in this country. This party had well-respected leaders. These leaders brought glory to the UNP. But today there are allegations that the current so-called leaders are engaged in acts which disrepute the United National Party. In the past when such allegations were made those accused resign from their positions. Today there are people who have come into the party from different parties to disrupt the unity amongst us.”

He added; “It is these party members who have various allegations for notorious  activities in the country, levelled against them. So these people should step down from their positions. This party has disciplinary inquiries for everything in order to maintain the discipline in the party. We believe that disciplinary inquires should be conducted against individuals in the party who are involved in unlawful acts as well. Everyone should be treated fairly. It is then that we could strengthen this party. We do not like to see this party being brought to  disrepute. So we urge that lawful action be taken against these persons who bring disrepute to the party.”



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