Protestors block roads in Embilipitiya and Galenbindunuwewa

Protestors block roads in Embilipitiya and Galenbindunuwewa

Written by Bella Dalima

17 Jan, 2014 | 8:40 pm

Two demonstrations were held in Embilipitiya and Galenbindunuwewa on Friday, blocking the main roads. The Mahasen Community Water Organisation commenced this demonstration near the Embilipitiya bus stop at about 10 a.m on Friday.

The protesters charge that the dumping of garbage collected by the Embilipitiya Pradeshiya Sabha and Urban Council in Kanabethiara is polluting water sources.

The protesters staged a march to the town and commenced a demonstration blocking all access roads to the town centre.  Although they blocked the roads, the protesters  allowed ambulances, security forces vehicles and school transport vehicles, to pass.

Subsequently, the Assistant Superintendent of Police in Embilipitiya, Senaratne de Silva, accompanied by several protesters, visited the Thera who chairs the Embilipitiya Urban Council at the Ingara-ara Viharaya.

Our reporter says that the Chairman, Venerable Wewelduwe Gnanaprabha Thera, agreed to cease the dumping of waste in Kanabedi-ara. The protesters dispersed after a letter containing the promise, signed by the Chairman, was presented to them.

Meanwhile, farmers from the Galenbindunuwewa – Hurulu Agrarian Settlement and farmers from the Hurulu Wewa Joint Farmers Society, staged a demonstration on Friday morning.

They accuse the Ministry of Agriculture of failing to recompense them as promised 5 months ago, for sub-standard seeds that were procured for them from a private company, for the last harvest season.

They say that the harvest yielded by these seeds was 20 percent less than the yield from their usual seeds. The protesters demonstrated in the Galenbindunuwewa town centre before arriving in a procession at the Divisional Secretariat.

Our reporter said that the Galenbindunuwewa Divisional Secretary, Margaret P. Kumburage, met with the protesters and requested that they give her an hour to resolve the matter.

Subsequently, the protesters demonstrated,  blocking the junction where the access roads to Anuradhapura, Kekirawa, Kahatagasdigiliya and Hurulu Nikawewa meet.

Although the protesters returned to the Divisional Secretariat about an hour later, the Divisonal Secretary did not meet with them. Talks held with the District Agriculture Director and the Chairman of the Galenbindunuwewa Pradeshiya Sabha, were not fruitful.

Deputy Minister of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms, Chandrasiri Muthukumarana, also held discussions with the protesters. Our reporter says that protesters dispersed after the Deputy Minister promised to resolve the issue by Wednesday.


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