Maduru Oya at risk of overflowing

Maduru Oya at risk of overflowing

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16 Jan, 2014 | 4:41 pm

Heavy rains have created a risk of the Maduru Oya overflowing.

Assistant Director of the Disaster Management Centre, Pradeep Kodippili said that disaster management units are vigilant of the situation.

He further stated:

“Due to the heavy rain experienced during the past few days there is a possibility that the Maduru Oya in the Batticaloa district may overflow. We have taken the necessary steps to evacuate  residents in southern and central parts. Fifteen (15) houses in Ampara were affected by rains since Wednesday. We are keeping a close a watch into this situation and our department is in the process of obtaining information on the displaced individuals.”

In other weather news, the Department of Meteorology has forecasted rainfall for the North, North Central and Eastern Provinces on Thursday.

The Department went on to say that the rains will be accompanied by strong gusts. Meanwhile, the Disaster Management Centre said that over forty families have been affected in the Polonnaruwa district as a result of heavy rains.

The Polonnaruwa district was the most affected by the heavy rains.

The Department of Meteorology says that the Polonnaruwa district received a rainfall of 141.1 mm on Wednesday.Flash floods in Aralaganwila  resulted in many houses  being inundated.

According to our correspondent , the flood waters in the area are receding.  However, several farmlands in Polonnaruwa remain inundated.

All ten sluice gates of the Parakrama Samudhraya have been opened by 1 1/2 feet each.

Our correspondent in the area said, that 1200 cubic feet of water is being released to the Mahaweli River per second.

Water levels of the Mahaweli River have gradually risen with the opening of the spill gates of the Parakrama Samudraya. Correspondents in the area said that , the Somawathiya, Thabala and Sungawela area may be affected.

The Polonnaruwa, Batticaloa main road is inundated at three points between Gal-Ella and Manampitiya. The Anuradhpaura district has received a rainfall of 82.3 mm on Wednesday.

The heavy downpour had resulted in the rise of the water level at the Malwathuoya and also the flooding of a by-road that leads to the Anuradhapura Holy City.

Our correspondent said that if the water levels of the Malwathu Oya continue to rise, houses on either side of its banks will be inundated. Heavy rains also forced for two spill gates of the Rajanganaya Reservoir to be opened.

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