Govt. is doing nothing to stop international investigations – Tilvin

Govt. is doing nothing to stop international investigations – Tilvin

Written by Staff Writer

13 Jan, 2014 | 2:25 pm

The JVP says that instead of the government providing solutions to international pressures, they are using this as a means to stay in power.

The General Secretary of the Party, Tilvin Silva made this statement at a public rally held in Horana on Sunday.

“Stephen Rapp is here. He travelled around the country. What did they say at the end?. They are saying that they will send an international investigation team. What is the government doing? They are not doing anything to stop this. They have put their friends in embassies. They are not qualified. The foreign service has been destroyed. When these actions are worsening the situation instead of fixing it they are using this to their benefit.”

He further stated,

“In the month of March the the UNHRC will gather. Instead of trying to defeat the resolution the government is holding elections on those dates. They are doing this not to defeat the resolution, but to use the resolution to put fear into the people. Gain some sympathy and win the election.”

This Rally was held in the Dikhenagama area in Munagama, Horana on Sunday.

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