When will the provincial councils be dissolved?

When will the provincial councils be dissolved?

Written by Bella Dalima

09 Jan, 2014 | 11:45 pm

The Western and Southern Provincial Council Elections are the most talked about topic in the political sphere today.

When will the Provincial Councils be dissolved? And when will the elections be called for?At present the posters and propaganda hoardings of candidates gearing up for the forthcoming Western and Southern Provincial polls can be witnessed in almost every area of those respective provinces.

The tenure of the Western Provincial Council will conclude in May this year while the tenure of the Southern Provincial Council will come to and end in October.

Secretary of Governor of the Western Province, Sunil Abeywardena shared these views: ” A Provincial Council can be dissolved when its tenure comes to………However, if the Chief Minister presents facts to the  the governor and requests the provincial council to be dissolved, the governor can take steps under the constitution to dissolve the provincial council.”

Thereby, the Southern and Western Provincial Councils could be dissolved in the present context.

Secretary of Governor of the Western Province, Sunil Abeywardena expressed these views; “The Provincial Council will operate officially until, the 27th of May. The governor will decide in the future  about dissolving the provincial councils. Many say that it will take place on the 12th.”

Governor of the Southern Province, Kumari Balasuriya said: “The Chief Minister has not made a request as yet.  If he makes such a  request, I will do the needful. We are prepared for an election at any given time. They might be of the view that the Southern Provincial Council will be dissolved soon …”

The Western Provincial Council consists  of 104 provincial councilors.

Sixty eight (68) seats of the provincial council are occupied by the for the United People’s Freedom Alliance , thirty by the United National Party, while the JVP and SLMC hold three and two seats respectively . Meanwhile, the Southern Provincial Council comprises of 55 members and the seats are distributed as follows.

Thirty eight (38) for the United Peoples freedom Alliance, fourteeen for the United National Party and three for the JVP.


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