Kindelpitiya speaks of a ‘political force’ in drug trafficking

Kindelpitiya speaks of a ‘political force’ in drug trafficking

Written by Bella Dalima

08 Jan, 2014 | 11:03 pm

The Democratic Party’s Chief Organiser in the Kolonnawa Electorate, Susil Kindelpitiya charges that there are political forces behind the trafficking of Heroin and other narcotics.
He made this statement at an event held in Kolonnawa on Tuesday.

A meeting of Democratic Party Activists from the Mulleriyawa North and Kelanimulla areas in the Kolonnawa Electorate was held on Tuesday evening in Nirmawela, Ambathale.

Chief Organiser of Kolonnawa, Susil Kindelpitiya shared these views;

” Who is it that imports them, they are all people connected to politics. They bring down ethanol for cheap, mix it and make you drink it. Then you will not ask for homes or jobs for your children. You will not ask for education or health facilities. Because you will drink the ethanol that is responsible for everything and keep quiet. This is the system that the rulers are hoping to adopt else steps should be taken to eradicate them.”


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