Nihal Sri Amarasekera appointed ICGFM Director

Nihal Sri Amarasekera appointed ICGFM Director

Written by Bella Dalima

03 Jan, 2014 | 5:33 pm

Well-known Sri Lankan professional consultant and public interest activist, Nihal Sri Amarasekera was appointed a Director of the Board of Directors of the prestigious the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management or ICGFM.

Based in Washington DC, members of the ICGFM include the Office of the Government, accountability of the US and the Controller and Auditor General of India. ICGFM was established in 1997 and comprises of distinguished financial management professionals from Government and Academia focussed on Financial Management of Governments. The Organisation serves as an umbrella bringing together diverse governmental entities and individuals.

Speaking to Newsfirst on his new appointment to the Board of Directors of ICGFM, Nihal Sri Amarasekere shared these thoughts;

“My role as a member of the board is to make contributions to the Global Organisation, as to their international programmes of developing the financial management capability of various countries. And it is an ongoing process. I think countries like Sri Lanka participate. I have seen countries like Uganda, Vietnam coming and learning from experienced and developed countries like New Zealand and Canada, where financial management is at very high level. There should be greater emphasis on fiscal management on the revenue and expenditure of the state. The trickle down concept which even Pope Francis had condemned or criticised. True as the words say, it trickles down. But trickling down is not enough. I think we need waterfalls for the masses …”


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