Keheliya on decision to abolish scholarship examination

Keheliya on decision to abolish scholarship examination

Written by Bella Dalima

03 Jan, 2014 | 10:09 pm

At the cabinet media briefing held on Friday journalists also raised questions on the decision to abolish the Grade Five Scholarship Examination.

Minister Keheliya Rambukwella expressed these views;

“A major issue arose due to the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination. It was said that it must be abolished as it is a burden. Questions are being asked regarding the scholarship. I was questioned about the government’s policy and that’s why I answered. As far as I am concerned, he tried to say that there are about 10,000 schools in this country, out of which only about 300 are state-run schools. Out of these only about 20 or 30 schools are famous, creating a lot of pressure to students facing this examination. This created a major issue and a lot of pressure on the education sector. There was an incident where a child had consumed poison and died. It was told that examination results should not be released on children’s day.”

He added; “Children had to carry heavy bundles of books which had a health risk. Children had to go for separate tuition classes to prepare for the examination. A number of such issues had to be faced by these students. There is a truth in these issues and there is a need now to remove or reduce this burden. If you take a look at the system in other countries, it is in the eighth grade that such a competitive examination is held. It is through this examination that the select which stream they wish to continue their studies in and accordingly suitable schools that support their stream are selected. You cannot single out one person and blame him on the other hand you cant wait without blaming anyone as well. this is a serious issue.”

“People become frustrated when they can’t enter their children into popular schools. Why? because these schools have more resources. Steps are being taken through the Mahinda Chinthanaya to provide resources to schools,” said Minister Keheliya Rambukwella.

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