Sri Lanka remembers the Tsunami nine years later

Sri Lanka remembers the Tsunami nine years later

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26 Dec, 2013 | 9:26 am

It was nine years ago from today that the deadly tidal wave, Tsunami, hit Sri Lanka and several other countries making history as one of the most catastrophic natural disasters on earth.

Looking back at that fateful day which changed the course of life of thousands…

December 25, 2004 was a day on which Christians celebrated the birth of Christ. December 26 was a Poya day on which many Buddhists were to engage in religious observances. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, a largely Muslim country, people awoke and went about their daily chores unaware of the catastrophe that was to unfold off the island of Sumatra.

The time was 6.58 am in Sri Lanka.

Although tremors were nothing new to the residents of Sumatra, the tremors that shook the island that day were to echo through the annals of history.

While the effect of the tremors rang the death knell for over a 100,0000 people its ripple effect was felt in Sri Lanka 2 1/2 hours later.

The deadly waves not only wrought havoc in the south of the island, they also left devastation in their wake in the north of the country as well.


The world’s worst train tragedy also took place in Peraliya during this time.

 Tsunami Train accident

Over 30,000 people lost their lives in Sri Lanka.

More than 30,000 more were left destitute by the deadly disaster.

Tsunami Sri Lanka

In remembrance of the calamity that rocked the nation and other countries, The Disaster Management Center requested that all Sri Lankans should observe 2 minutes silence at 9.25 am today in remembrance of those who lost their lives in 2004 Tsunami.

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