Health Ministry to look into Baduraliya crisis

Health Ministry to look into Baduraliya crisis

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26 Dec, 2013 | 10:48 am

The Ministry of Health says it has taken measures to call for a discussion with all stakeholders in the ongoing crisis at the Baduraliya Government Hospital.

Secretary to the Ministry, Dr. Nihal Jayatileke said that a discussion is due to be held between the Government Medical Officers Association and the relevant parties.

Dr. Jayatileke added that the Western Province Medical Health Officials had made an attempt to resolve the issue. Therefore, the Health Ministry had decided to launch an investigation into the matter.

Secretary to the Ministry of Health, Dr. Nihal Jayatileke went on to say that ambulances have been placed at the hospital on stand-by to transport critical patients to another hospital. Meanwhile, Parliamentarian Palitha Thewarapperuma commenced a hunger strike opposite the Baduraliya Bus depot in protest against the closure of the Baduraliya Government hospital.

The MP added that a group including himself were attacked on Wednesday night.

“The people here do not want the doctors nor the staff of the hospital which has been closed in unfair manner, be transferred, they just want it to be opened. Until this hospital is reopened we will continue this fast onto death. I will sacrifice my life for the sake of the people. I will fulfill my duties and responsibilities for the sake of these people until death on this platform.”

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