Sajith says he was ‘not informed’

Sajith says he was ‘not informed’

Written by Bella Dalima

20 Dec, 2013 | 7:19 am

Media Spokesperson of the United Leadership Council, Kabir Hashim addressing the media  said that despite inviting Sajith Premadasa to join the Leadership Council via telephone and SMS, he had not joined the council as yet.

However, speaking today Parliamentarian Sajith Premadasa said that he had not received any telephone calls or SMS’s in this regard.

Member of United Leadership Council (UNP), MP Kabir Hashim expressed these views; “I am the media spokesperson for the Leadership Council and I was tasked with the responsibility to inform him. I contacted him over the telephone but he could not be reached over the phone. Then I informed him via SMS about the meeting that was convened yesterday. I sent him around three messages. I informed him about today’s meeting via SMS too. Karu Jayasuriya also took steps to inform him about this.”

UNP MP, Sajith Premadasa shared these views; “Upon my arrival here, various persons asked questions from me. They asked me about the messages that were sent to me and of the telephone calls. These are blatant lies. A small group of politicians are engaging in a massive operation to spread lies amongst the people. The group that is saying that SMSs were sent to me are the same people who lied to me over the years. They are saying that I am not flexible. I have been flexible since 2010 for the party, for the people and for the country. We pledged our agreement before the Maha Sangha and the People. We need to protect that understanding that we created.”

Advisor of the United Bhikku Front Venerable Girambe Ananda Thero commented on the Leadership of the United National Party on a number of previous occasions.

“I was close to Ranil Wickremesinghe. I covered up all his mistakes. Today, I wish to tell him, that the person clad in these yellow robes will keep on chasing after him until he is chased away from the Leadership of the United National Party. Why is a leader who is committing so many wrongs being nurtured by the Working Committee,” said Adviser of United Bhikku Front, Ven.Girambe Anada Thero.


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