President has passed the message, Europe is now in fear – Mahanamahewa

President has passed the message, Europe is now in fear – Mahanamahewa

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18 Dec, 2013 | 3:08 pm

Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission, Dr. Prathiba Mahanamahewa says that many countries across the globe are gradually arriving at a correct view on the human rights situation in Sri Lanka.

He made this statement at an event held in Colombo on Tuesday.

A programme was held for ministry secretaries and officials, to create awareness on human rights.

“There is a certain level of flexibility towards Sri Lanka. Countries like China, Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, the Middle East and South Africa are gradually drawing closer towards Sri Lanka. The message has been passed on by the President. So, the European countries fear that some of their alliances will break away as well. It is for this reason that these resolutions are passed.”

Furthermore, Dr. Mahanamahewa stressed that the government has not provided accurate information to the international community regarding the current human rights situation.

“The 2009 humanitarian mission ended. 195,750 persons came to the cleared areas. What did the army do thereafter? Did they make any arrests? No. They gave their own food. Donated blood and medical supplies. They took in the most dangerous terrorists and rehabilitated 14,000 of them and have now given them jobs. Why cant other countries see this?”

Legal Secretary of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission, Attorney-at-law Nimal Punchihewa also expressed his views,

“We say that there are only two main factors in human rights. Dignity and survival. Factors such as equality, power, superiority, family  –  these don’t affect a human being but they do possess dignity.”

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