Sajith on members of local government institutions

Sajith on members of local government institutions

Written by Staff Writer

15 Dec, 2013 | 9:25 pm

“These members are only given a meagre salary of 5000 rupees. Look at the perks given to parliamentarians, we are also public servants.”

 UNP MP, Sajith Premadasa shared these views on members of local government institutions, in Parliament on Saturday.

 “We receive permits, we receive office facilities, we receive official housing, allowances and telephone facilities. I am not saying that it shouldn’t be given to us. Honourable Speaker I propose that it is apt to increase this meagre allowance of 5000 rupees.”

 Sajith Premadasa further asked:

“If they can be allowed to issue a letter stating that they are members or councilmen why can’t they be allowed to use this designation elsewhere?”

 “The budgets of 2014 local government bodies were defeated. What is the reason behind this – decisions being taken single-handedly. If you are willing to bring in amendments to the act in order to protect these chairpersons who commit mistakes then why cant you bring in amendments to ensure representation of women and youth?”

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