Graveyard of rocks for the residents of Rideemaliyadda?

Graveyard of rocks for the residents of Rideemaliyadda?

Graveyard of rocks for the residents of Rideemaliyadda?

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15 Dec, 2013 | 10:44 pm

The Asst. Lands Commissioner of Mahiyanganaya arrived in the Uva-Thissapura track 3 village in Rideemaliyadda on Thursday accompanied by a surveyor attached to the land commission, based on a recommendation issued by the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission, requesting them to solve a land dispute.

The recommendation was issued based on a complaint which mentioned the assistant lands commissioner as a respondent.

The complaint was filed regarding three land permits issued by the assistant commissioner.

The track 3 village was established in 1968 after blocking out lands. The lands that were divided up in this manner were once again surveyed in 2010 under the Bim Saviya programme

Through this survey,  a 31-hectare plot of land was identified as pasturing grounds and as a graveyard, however,  twenty six hectares of the land allocated in this manner were covered by rocks.

Despite the strong protest by residents,  the assistant lands commissioner took steps to issue permits to three individuals to illegally cultivate on the remaining plot of five hectares which had fertile soil.

The assistant lands commissioner thereby informed the Chairman of the Rideemaliyadda Pradeshiya Sabha that as per the recommendation of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission, he would arrive in the track 3 village on the 12th of this month to rectify this mistake.

The letter issued by the commissioner can be considered as a legally binding document issued by a state officer with regard to his duty, however, the disorganised manner in which this letter was written and issued failed to meet the expectation of the villagers of track 3.

The surveyor who accompanied the assistant lands commissioner to the village noted that the survey conducted by him cannot be challenged..

However, a far greater issue than that of whether the survey conducted by him can be challenged or not has arisen. Are the  residents now required to used this rock as their burial grounds ?

If so, will the land commission be taking steps to provide the  residents with the necessary equipment to dig graves in this rock ? Land Commissioner of the Uva Province,  this is over to you …

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