Just look at the social imbalance in which we live – CJ

Just look at the social imbalance in which we live – CJ

Written by Bella Dalima

13 Dec, 2013 | 11:19 pm

The annual conference and Annual General Meeting of Judicial Officers for 2013 took place in Colombo on Friday.

The Conference was graced by Minister of Justice Rauff Hakeem and Chief Justice Mohan Peiris.

The annual conference is the largest single event of judicial officers of the first instance courts in Sri Lanka centered around the theme, Judicial Accountability and Challenges Ahead.

Minister of Justice, Rauff Hakeem had these words to share in that conference;

“There has to be a very vibrant and independent media, to take the message of accountability to the people. However, in this respect, media has been very much circumspect. The imaginary threat of contempt of court, looms large on them. All of us understand, that media should be encouraged to take the message of truth to the people, whilst protecting the integrity and causing the least adverse impact, on the honour and dignity of the judiciary.”


Chief Justice, Mohan Peiris expressed these thoughts;

“We need to mould the law in its creativity; in its functionality to meet the needs of the community. Do we go to Bakamuna for example, a little village, if you have heard of it, Bakamuna is between Hingurakgoda and Dambulla. Now just imagine of you go to Dambulla and order, 100,000 rupees bail, cash, with two government servants. The only government servant might be the judge himself in the whole village, right, just imagine. But that’s what the law says.”

He added; “Release the man on bail or sufficient sureties to ensure that he gets to court. But the man in Bakamuna perhaps, has never set foot out of Bakamuna. Now, let’s understand that. The man in Bakamuna probably wont have all his buttons. And the Mudaliyar will call out and say “Boththam Daganna!”. “Bottham nehe daganna!”

“We have nothing to worry, really our worries are not too much. Actually our worries are the problems that we cause ourselves. But the man in Bakamuna probably has a serious problem, he doesn’t have too much to eat, he doesn’t have a roof over his head, he doesn’t have a hospital close by, He has a court breathing down complicated jurisprudence to him which he doesn’t understand. Just look at the social imbalance in which we live,” said Chief Justice, Mohan Peiris.


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