Senaratne says in one way or the other the job was done

Senaratne says in one way or the other the job was done

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12 Dec, 2013 | 7:21 am

Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister, Rajitha Senaratne made the following statements at a media briefing that was convened to create awareness on the development activities taking place in the fisheries industry.

“Even some people in Sri Lanka oppose the concept of travelling with the Sri Lanka flag hoisted. That means that the people who are spoken to do not know that under the international agreement you are required to to hoist your national flag. As much as we try our level best to work in the right direction we have not at any point acted to disrespect the President’s Office.”

Responding to a query regarding the Iranamadu tank, the minister had this to say.

“When he was going to the North,  I said that the people had not attended to this. The President said to release this immediately. Thereafter, the work was completed in whatever manner. When I was being greeted I asked him as to what the issue was with regard to security.”

He further stated,

[quote]When a Senaratne speaks security is a a concern. However, when a Rajapaksa speaks there is no security problem.[/quote]

The minister added to this:

[quote]Isn’t that how security matters function in this country? In whatever way or the another, the job was done… I too will be happy if the Rajapaksas did the job.[/quote]

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