Honouring Volunteerism – V Awards 2013 held at Stein Studios

Honouring Volunteerism – V Awards 2013 held at Stein Studios

Written by Bella Dalima

06 Dec, 2013 | 10:45 pm

V Awards 2013, honouring volunteers in Sri Lanka who serve their nation in silence, was held at Stein Studios in Ratmalana on Friday evening.

Ananda Guruge was awarded the “Volunteer of the Year” award at the gala event.

V Awards is a joint initiative of Newsfirst and the United Nations Volunteers.

The Volunteer of the Year at V Awards 2013, Ananda Guruge was recognised for the immeasurable support and service that he has rendered to the hearing impaired.

The second edition of V Awards commenced on a poignant note today with a minute’s silence being observed in memory of Nelson Mandela.

The twelve finalists, were selected from amongst over 1000 nominees.

The winners were adjudged by an independent panel of judges.

Two awards for the Best Youth Volunteer and the Best Volunteer in Water Conservation, were presented in addition to the Volunteer of the Year award. Araliya Abeysekera won the award for the Best Youth Volunteer.

Nalaka Priyantha won the award for the Best Volunteer in Water Conservation.

Minister of Social Services, Felix Perera expressed these views;

“At a time when the people of this country, rally behind wealth and look into own personal needs, there are some who volunteer on behalf of doing something for the others. The attempt undertaken by the Sirasa Media network to appreciate those volunteers is truly commendable …”

Group Director Electronic Media Business of the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited, Nedra Weerasinghe addressed the gathering.

“Being leaders in the industry we believe that unless we try to do something beyond what we have already mastered, we will never grow. The first step in this context, is to connect with people, the second is to believe that each of us can make a difference. As all these special volunteers have shown us, there is no better time than now, to engage and get involved in making our communities a better place,” stated Group Director Nedra Weerasinghe.

The UN Resident Co-ordinator in Sri Lanka, Subinay Nandy stressed on the importance of volunteering.

“We are here to help ensure that, volunteering, an age-old tradition in your beautiful country, will continue to have its bright future and its right place, inspiring us all to contribute in our own way, in making this country a shining example of peace and development,” said UN Resident Co-ordinator for Sri Lanka, Subinay Nandy.

Chevaan Daniel, Group Director of the Capital Maharaja Organisation, expressed the following sentiments.

“When the Chairman and the Management decided to support V Awards 2011 it was with a sense of belief in the possibilities of this country and its people. How many times have each of us reached out to help someone?

How many time have each of us been the recipients of that very special quality of human kindness. Just think about it for a moment.

At that one moment when you reached out and touched someone, nothing else mattered. Everything else ceased to exist. Not race, not religion, caste or creed mattered, only the fact that we are all human. The V Awards started out as an almost innocuous attempt to capture that sense of humanity,” stated Group Director of the Capital Maharaja Organisation, Chevaan Daniel.




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