Fonseka on a handful of ‘corrupt police officers’ and politicians

Fonseka on a handful of ‘corrupt police officers’ and politicians

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01 Dec, 2013 | 9:53 pm

[quote]The individuals who rule this country are the ones who act as role models for corrupt politicians, they are the ones who protect them; let them act in this way and fail to punish them.[/quote]

Speaking at an event held in Weligama, Matara, the Leader of the Democratic Party, Sarath Fonseka, made the following remarks.

“What we say is that the very least we should have the morals of the past. In the past our women were protected. In the past, it was said that a woman could walk alone at night, carrying a blue sapphire, from Dondra Head to Point Pedro. Today, because of the actions of the rulers of this country and the corrupt handful of police officers who are close to him, morals have deteriorated and the law has collapsed. There are about 5 percent in the police who are corrupt and give a bad name to the 95 percent who are honest officers.”

Deputy Leader of the Democratic Party, MP Jayantha Ketagoda also expressed his views at the event, “For three years after the end of the corrupt election, they tried to manacle him and lock him up on a wooden bench in the Welikada Prison to see if they could imprison him politically. Today, our leader, Former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka has freed himself, established the Democratic Party and is taking us forward under the sign of the flaming torch.”

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