Editor-in-Chief of Echelon wins Developing Asia Journalism Award

Editor-in-Chief of Echelon wins Developing Asia Journalism Award

Written by Bella Dalima

29 Nov, 2013 | 6:01 am

Sri Lankan journalist Shamindra Kulamannage was named the winner of the 2013 Developing Asia Journalism Award from amongst 19 journalists across the Asia and Pacific Region

The Award was presented by the ADBI , an institute attached with the Asian Development Bank.

The article Trade negotiations : Sidelining the Bigots won Shamindra Kulamannage the Developing Asia Journalism Award at a ceremony which took place on  November 21

Editor-in-Chief of ECHELON Magazine, Shamindra Kulamannage shared these views;

“Each year the award looks at a particular theme. The 2013 theme happens to be trade in its bilateral forms and its bilateral forms covering basically economic integration among economies. The piece that I submitted happened to be one that discussed the sort of apathy towards the free trade existent in Sri Lanka’s policy making right now. And how that has led to the debate being hijacked by special interest groups.”


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