Case pertaining to suicide bomb attack targeting Fonseka taken up

Case pertaining to suicide bomb attack targeting Fonseka taken up

Written by Bella Dalima

28 Nov, 2013 | 9:08 pm

The case of a suicide bomb attack targeting the assassination of former army commander and present leader of the Democratic Party Sarath Fonseka at the Army Headquarters in Colombo was taken up on Thursday at the High Court before Justice Kumuduni Wickramasinghe.

The suicide attack took place on April 25 in 2006 at the Army Headquarters in Colombo, killing 12 persons and injuring 27 others.

Selvarajah Thirubakaran, Shanmugalingam Suryakumar and Thambaiyah Prakash were named as respondents in the case and were accused of plotting the suicide attack together with two other individuals namely Muhammed Ansar Siddeek and Durga to assassinate the Former Army Commander.

The Former Army Commander giving evidence before court today stated that the attack was launched when he was leaving the Army Headquarters in a vehicle to his official quarters for lunch.

He further stated that he recalls witnessing a crowd gathered outside the Military Hospital near which he had noticed a woman clad in a yellow and blue Shalwar.

The former commander added that soon after his vehicle passed this woman he had witnessed shrapnel emanating from her chest region which had struck his vehicle. He added that he realised at that moment that a bomb explosion had taken place.

Moreover, Fonseka stated that he remembers being taken away in an ambulance while he was bleeding and his internal organs were exposed.

Upon returning to the country following treatment abroad, the former Army Commander had reported to duty by trave;ling to Trincomalee and launching the Mavilaaru operations before his wounds had healed.

The case was postponed to  March 20, 2014.

Former Army Commander, Sarath Fonseka expressed these views;

“Despite attempts being made to write-off my service and remove my photograph from books and erase my name from all records, they have failed to erase the memory of the bomb attack on the former army commander. These corrupt rulers have failed to erase it because when we serve the country that service becomes an experience. The state counsels had to cross examine me. They had to get me to say things. They asked me when I joined the Army, how long was my service, what missions did I undertake and what sacrifices did I make. They even had to ask whether I provided orders during the war. I think that if these corrupt rulers who are trying to erase my name, take a look at the evidence provided, they will recall the past they had forgotten.”


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