As long as Ranil is here: party supporters will not vote – Shiral Lakthilaka

As long as Ranil is here: party supporters will not vote – Shiral Lakthilaka

Written by Bella Dalima

27 Nov, 2013 | 1:14 am

The Jathika Pavura Movement convened a meeting in Colombo  on Monday

The meeting was held under the theme, Let’s reveal the fraud of the Leadership Council – Enough Defeat, Ranil time to go.

The meeting was held at the Public Library in Colombo.  National Organiser of United Bikkhu Front, Ven. Ulapane Sumangala Thera said that the foolish ad-hoc decisions taken by leader have prevented the party from claiming victory.

He said, “This leader must go home if the party is to win. There are enough votes to defeat the government. But there isn’t a strong leader in the opposition who can rally the voters and take them down a victorious path. This leader is spineless. He knows how to do one thing. Hold disciplinary inquiries and evict people from the party. There isn’t a single person from the government who has come over to the UNP. They took one person. The man named Mangala Samaraweera.”

Western Provincial Councillor, Attorney-at-Law Shiral Lakthilaka said; “We say that we are opposed to the Leadership Council. We must mention four factors. We need these four factors. One is the power to appoint members of the Working Committee. The power to convene the National Executive Council. The power to appoint the secretary and treasurer. And the power to make provisions for members and officials. Sections 8 and 9. We want these four demands met. As long as Ranil is here and playing his tricks, the party supporters will not vote. This is the truth.”

Southern Provincial Councillor, Attorney-at-Law Maithri Gunaratne expressed these views;

“We want a UNP that wins. That is why we are engaged in this struggle. The former chairman of the party says that we cannot win because there are demons in Sirikotha. I do not know whether you witnessed this. They say there are demons. I say, it does not matter whether there are demons or fools. Give the candidacy and the leadership to Sajith Premadasa. In three months we will rejuvenate the UNP and bring the party into government.”


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