Wholesalers in Pettah list out price increases

Wholesalers in Pettah list out price increases

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24 Nov, 2013 | 9:07 am

Wholesalers at Pettah Market point out that subsequent to the budget being presented to the Parliament, the prices of certain goods including chillies and canned fish have increased.

The Special Commodity Levy on imported goods that were increased from the budget, came into effect from today. With the new amendments coming into effect.  Newsfirst inquired in to the prices of goods at the Pettah Wholesale Market.

Wholesalers in Pettah

“The Price of a kilogramme of sugar has increased by Rs.3. The price of a kilogramme of chillie has increased by Rs.2. and prices of other goods have also increased by  Rs.2. Maldive Fish has increased by Rs. 10. One  tin of canned fish has increased by Rs.10. Rice and Keeri Samba have increased by Rs.3. ”

In addition, the price of coconut oil in the market has also increased. The traders also point out that, despite the price increase, the prices of certain goods have dropped.

Wholesale trader in Pettah:

“The prices of red onions and small onions  have dropped. A kilogramme of these onions has dropped by Rs.10 or sometimes even Rs.20. The price of a kilogramme is Rs.145 to 150.While red onions are sold at Rs.190  or Rs.195.”

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