Jetty construction threatens to drown livelihoods in Kalpitiya

Jetty construction threatens to drown livelihoods in Kalpitiya

Jetty construction threatens to drown livelihoods in Kalpitiya

Written by Staff Writer

24 Nov, 2013 | 9:14 pm

For over a period of six months a construction operation is being carried out in the three-kilometr4e coast line between Daluwa and Mampura, located in the Kalpitiya Peninsula.

Due to strong tides during three months of the six month time period, the local fishermen did not pay much attention to this operation.

Despite the lack of a fishing pier or port in this area ,fishing activities are carried out with the use of these nets known as Ma-del.

The only means of survival for over 2000 families living in this coastal area is to produce these large nets.These fishermen had set off to the eastern seas to engage in catching fish with the use of these nets between June and July early this year, due to the tide. However, on their return this time, their battle for survival is not only with the dangerous waves.

A fishermen speaking of the incident said,

“They are attempting to construct a jetty over here. Th.y are filling it with sand. After that they carry on with their work. Because of the waves, this breaks off and sand settles in one area. While the remainder is washed away. Construction material for the jetty goes out in to the sea and gets entangled with the nets. Because of the various things brought here to construct this jetty, even dinghies are faced with difficulties when they set off to sea,”

Sand bags have also been set up at the beach for construction purposes.

As the Divisional Secretariat and the Coast Conservation Department is showing no interest in this operation that had jeopardised the livelihoods of the local fishermen, the fishermen were compelled to file a complaint over the matter with the police.

The fishermen also lament that the person put in charge at the site by the private establishment that is undertaking this operation, is not providing proper answers to the questions that they raise.

When Action TV , inquired from this individual whether the private establishment had a permit to engage in this operation, all he did was simply avoid answering the question.

Speaking to Action TV, the Divisional Secretary of Kalpitiya said that the respective contractor had not provided any document from the respective institutions that approves the operation that is taking place.

For what reason is this operation taking place ? and under what authority? Are the regulations for coastal conservation not in effect?

Director General of the Coast Conservation Department , this is over to you..

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