Budget 2014 at a glance

Budget 2014 at a glance

Written by Bella Dalima

21 Nov, 2013 | 9:26 pm

According to the 2014 budget that was presented to Parliament on Thursday the total revenue and grants – stand at 1,469.5 billion rupees.

The government estimates that it will earn 1,274.6 billion rupees as tax revenue and 162.8 billion rupees as non-tax revenue.

The total government expenditure for the coming year stands at 1,985.6 billion rupees – out of which 1328.3 billion rupees will be allocated for recurrent expenditure – such as payment of salaries and interest.

The government also envisages to spend a sum of 668.5 billion rupees in public investment in 2014.

The budget deficit for 2014 stands at 516.1 billion rupees.

According to the 2014, the government aims at borrowing 235.5 billion rupees in foreign financing while they also expect to obtain a further 280.6 billion rupees through domestic means.





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