Newsfirst investigates chemical issue in Heiyanthuduwa

Newsfirst investigates chemical issue in Heiyanthuduwa

Written by Staff Writer

21 Nov, 2013 | 7:32 am


It has been reported that a chemical compound had been released into a paddy field in the Heyyanthuduwa area in Sapugaskanda.


Newsfirst visited the area on Wednesday to look into the harm caused by the release of the chemical compound.


A land area of over 200 acres in the Heengahawela area in Heyyanthuduwa, are paddy fields.


The area surrounding these paddy fields are home to around 4000 families.


The locals residents speaking to Newsfirst said that the fish in this canal known as the Meda Ela that flows right in the middle of these paddy fields, were dead.


Assistant Officer of Agricultural Research and Products of Heyyanthuduwa West, D. Prasanna Perera explained these thoughts;


“We were trying to determine from where this chemical was coming from. We followed the canal upstream and discovered that the drainage system that flows along the Samurdhi Mawatha, has been diverted to this canal. We noticed the smell of Ammonia gas, we wanted to know from where this smell was coming from. People in that vicinity told us that barrels containing Urea were cleaned in this canal. They told us that the water used to clean the barrels was released to the canal. We witnessed the water mixed with the chemicals flowing from the drains out of that factory …”


This Canal which starts from the Mill Junction in Heyyanthuduwa, flows for almost 2 kilometers before it reaches the Koratunna Oya.


Subsequently the water that flows through the Koratunna Oya , reached the Kelani River.


Newsfirst Contacted the Central Environmental Authority in this regard and the CEA noted that it had obtained water samples from the affected area. The CEA adds that further measures will be taken subsequent to tests that will be conducted.


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