Cabinet agrees to recruit 100,000 youth to fill vacancies in state sector

Cabinet agrees to recruit 100,000 youth to fill vacancies in state sector

Cabinet agrees to recruit 100,000 youth to fill vacancies in state sector

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12 Dec, 2019 | 9:11 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Cabinet has decided to recruit 100,000 youth immediately, to fill in the existing vacancies in the state sector.

During the media briefing to announce cabinet decisions today, it was revealed that those with educational qualifications below GCE ordinary level will be recruited for these posts.

Minister Dr Ramesh Pathirana, the co – cabinet spokesperson stated that they will provide youth who successfully complete a training program of six months, with job opportunities in the state sector.

He added that the cabinet has decided to establish a Multi-purpose Development Task Force as a Government Department with effect from January 15th.

Journalist: Some are of the view that the government is already burdened with too many state employees. Can the government bear the additional burden?

Dullas Alahapperuma, the co-cabinet spokesperson responded that if they try to exceed the labour force of the state sector, and attempt to help every entrepreneur in the country, they will. However, considering the current state sector labour force and the number of pensioners, this is not an issue.

The cabinet has decided to impose a maximum retail price of Rs. 98 per kilogram of rice, to prevent the shortage of rice.

It was further revealed, the government has taken steps to release the 42,000 metric tonnes of paddy stocks owned by the government to the local market.

Minister Dr. Ramesh Pathirana, stated that the cabinet decided to reduce the import duty on wheat flour imports and to break the monopoly on wheat flour in the market.

Cabinet approval was also received to increase the number of national schools from 374 to 1000.

The cabinet has also decided to introduce a new school-based scientific method to select students for government universities, in lieu of the present Z Score system based on districts.

Minister of Education Dullas Alahapperuma said the new method will be introduced for the GCE A/L in 2020.

The Cabinet of Ministers also approved the proposal to appoint a committee of experts in the respective fields to review the amended scope of the Financial City Project and procedure used to revise the project.


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