10 things to know on nominations day

10 things to know on nominations day

10 things to know on nominations day

Written by Staff Writer

07 Oct, 2019 | 7:16 am

Colombo (News 1st) – Its nominations day, here’s what you need to know …

1) Accepting of nominations for the 2019 Presidential election will be from 9 am to 11 am at the elections commissions in Rajagiriya.

2) Individuals will be able to file objections against the nominations till 11.30 am

3) If you are heading to work and your daily commute passes through Rajagiriya, avoid the area and use alternate routes. A special traffic plan is in effect.

4)  Schools in Borella, Colombo South and Colombo Central educational zone will remain closed today along with 3 schools in the Rajagiriya area.

5) Separate areas have been allocated for individuals who travel to the area to support their candidate. Supporters will have to pass through multiple checkpoints and cannot be under the influence.

6) Security has been beefed up around the area and around 1200 police officers have been deployed to provide security.

7) 41 candidates have placed bonds to contest the 2019 Presidential election. The highest number in election history.

8) Candidates will not be allowed to engage in parades or display posters, banners or distribute leaflets, according to the Police.

9) immediate action by the Police against individuals who violate election laws on nominations day

10) The SLFP is yet to announce it’s stance on the Presidential election.


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